What is Vegan Ice Cream, How it is Made, and Why You Must Try it Today!

Vegan Ice cream, What is Vegan Ice Cream, How it is Made, and Why You Must Try it Today!

Enjoying a creamy, decadent, and flavorful vegan ice cream or frozen yogurt is a priceless childhood memory. We all love our scoops, cups and cones. In fact, there are few other things that can match the pure joy of eating ice cream.

Adopting a vegan lifestyle is a commitment to our planet. Easy Breezy makes it more delicious by making it a pleasure for you to enjoy your favorite treats while keeping it vegan. We are everything you want your ice cream to be – sweet, rich, decadent, filled with quality ingredients….and quite extraordinary.

This guide offers you all that you need to know about our vegan ice creams – what they are, what ingredients we use, how we are different, and more.

We are committed to making vegan flavors that aren’t just “good for being vegan”. We make vegan soft serve ice cream that is just….GOOD. Ready for the swirl?


Ice Cream Can Be Vegan?

Ice cream is a dairy product. So asking for vegan ice cream is kinda like asking for an eggless omelette, right? What makes an ice cream vegan?

Typical ice cream contains several ingredients that are derived from animals including eggs, milk, and cream. For people who cannot eat or do not wish to eat animal-based foods, our vegan soft serve ice creams present some sensational alternatives.

Vegan products use ingredients that are not animal-based. Easy Breezy starts with locally produced bases of cashew milk, coconut milk, oat milk, and sometimes almond milk. These ingredients mirror the flavors of traditional ice cream ingredients pretty very well, and provide a creamy base to start creating our flavors.

We then blend in the finest nut pastes, fresh fruits, premium teas and spices and the finest chocolate powders to achieve our flavors that range from the traditional to more unique.  We fortify all our vegan flavors with 6 different healthy probiotics to emulate all the positive gastro-intestinal effects of yogurt.

But, how close can they be to the real thing?


The Proof is in the Ice Cream

Vegan ice cream is delicious. At Easy Breezy if we did not tell you were eating vegan ice cream, you would not recognize the difference. Vegan or not, we firmly believe there is no substitute for taste. And we create our ice cream flavors always keeping that in mind.

Vegan ice cream, when prepared correctly is creamy, tasty, and downright indulgent. If you use the right fruits and nuts, it can be juicy, nutty, and decadent too. An expertly prepared vegan soft serve ice cream made with premium ingredients tastes as rich, smooth and creamy as any dairy ice cream.

And sometimes even better! The richness of the nut and coconut milk bases is a truly remarkable experience for the palette. The natural fats bring a smooth consistency and superior mouth feel.

Our vegan ice creams are delicious rivals to our regular frozen yogurt and custards, too. They stay neck-to-neck in the strength of their fan clubs and their sales. But that did not happen in a day.

A lot of trial-and-error has gone into finding the right alternatives for animal-derived products, and in which proportions. We use a variety of ingredients that bring the right taste, consistency, and texture to our vegan ice cream soft serves. These are high-quality products that deliver nothing but the best flavor.

We use local and organic ingredients as much as possible, using fresh ingredients instead of syrups and deploy zero-waste practices across every aspect of operations. So, when you opt for vegan ice cream, you are not just choosing a product that is more animal-friendly, but one that supports a healthier lifestyle for yourself and the environment too.

The popularity of our vegan ice creams is growing by the day. We have seen a rapid increase in demand for vegan ice creams at all our stores and continue to craft new flavors to meet the growing demand.


Is Vegan Ice Cream Really Dairy-free?

Vegan Ice cream, What is Vegan Ice Cream, How it is Made, and Why You Must Try it Today!

Yes, vegan ice creams are entirely dairy-free. They do not use eggs, cream or milk – it is the nut and coconut milk bases that give the vegan soft serve ice creams their luxurious texture that people relish.

Most dairy-free ice creams are poultry free too. However, some of them may contain other animal-based products like honey, or emulsifiers derived from animals. So, if you are buying vegan ice cream, check the ingredients to be entirely sure.

At Easy Breezy, you never have to worry about that. Vegan ice cream is truly vegan here.


What is Vegan Ice Cream Made From?

Dairy ice creams get their fat content from milk, cream and eggs. The velvety consistency they offer is what makes ice creams so irresistible. An alternative that matches the texture and consistency can be used as a substitute.

Thankfully, several plant-based alternatives offer varying degrees of textures and consistencies to suit your every taste bud:

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk, with its rich fat, is an excellent alternative to dairy milk. In fact, we like the extra-thickness, and go for full-fat coconut cream. The subtle flavor makes the coconut ice cream a perfect base for a variety of flavors. You can add nuts, fruits, peanut butter, brownie, chocolate chip, and other ingredients to create your very own vegan delight.

Almond Milk

Almond milk is the most popular alternative to dairy milk, and it’s highly likely that you’ve already tried and enjoyed it. We also use almond milk because it is a low-fat alternative to dairy milk. So, the dairy-free ice cream you make using it will not be as rich or creamy as a dairy ice cream or a coconut ice cream. But, when it comes to taste, almond milk is a winner. Also, if you are looking for a healthier vegan ice cream recipe, almond milk is an excellent place to start in the ingredients list because of its low-fat nutrient profile.

 Cashew Milk

Cashew is used extensively in international cuisines, especially Indian cuisines, for its richness and thickness. Raw cashews can blend with a bit of water to produce thick, fatty cashew cream. This cream has a near-neutral taste because of the bland flavor profile of cashews, which makes it an ideal choice for experimentation with more exotic flavors. Just remember that cashew cream does not whip as well as coconut or dairy cream. So, achieving the right consistency in a blender can be tricky and requires some practice.


While these milk and butter substitutes are our favorite, there are always other ingredients to experiment with– non-dairy milk and cornstarch, vegan soy heavy cream, pureed beans, pureed sweet potatoes, soy milk, oat milk, and avocado cream…the possibilities are endless.

At Easy Breezy, our commitment to quality ingredients adds another layer of unadulterated flavor to our ice creams. We never use high fructose corn syrup in any way. We always opt for fruits and natural cane sugars for any sweetening that we do.

By the way, nobody said we couldn’t mix two or more of the flavoring ingredients in the same recipe. Loads of super ripe bananas and creamy peanut butter blend together well over cashew milk, giving us our signature Peanut Butter Banana Smash flavor.

Fresh squeezed limes, fresh grated ginger and big bunches of fresh mint on top of creamy coconut milk blend together for our refreshing Mint Mojito flavor.

Dutch-processed unsweetened cocoa powder, Italian amaretto paste made of pure almonds and the the essence of apricot kernels mix into cashew milk for our to-die-for Chocolate Amaretto.

The sky is the limit and being bold is the way to go. We live by that.


What are the Ingredients Used in Vegan Ice Creams?

A vegan ice cream, just like a dairy ice cream, requires at least 5 main ingredients to make. You can add more ingredients to give the ice cream your unique spin. But, bear in mind that different ingredients have different preparation methods.

Now, let’s check out the 5 main ingredients:


Every ice cream recipe starts with a good base. For non-dairy ice creams, milk is not an option. So, you start with a suitable substitute. Our bases are organic cashew milk, coconut milk, and sometimes almond milk and oat milk.


In many cases, the thickening agent and the base are the same. However, when you are using something like oat milk or almond milk, you will need a thickening agent to intensify the creaminess of your ice cream. Premium olive oil, coconut cream, and vegan soy heavy cream are all great choices. Some of these thickeners can also have a noticeable impact on your ice cream’s taste. So, during recipe development, we put a lot of thought into the thickeners we use so that we can control the flavor of the final product.

Flavoring Agent

It can be something as simple as pure vanillas, or a whole combination of several flavors. Cocoa powder, dark chocolate, chocolate chips, fresh raspberries, orange juice, cinnamon sticks, mint leaves – whatever you fancy could be your flavoring agent. We only use high-quality flavoring agents because they impart a rich taste. We take the feedback of our patrons to tweak our flavors constantly.


Sugar is a natural choice here, but it’s not the only one. You can very well replace sugar with several other sweeteners like dates, fruit purees, or even sugar alcohols. Our vegan ice creams are not one-dimensionally sweet. You taste the ice cream flavor and then the subtle sweet notes.

Flavor Enhancer

Half a tablespoon of sea salt or a pinch of turmeric or cardamom can drastically enhance the taste of your ice cream. We change flavor enhancers depending on the flavor we develop. Fresh chicory brewed with coffee imparts a delicate nuttiness. Fresh grated ginger gives a zing that is unparalleled. The sky is the limit!


Is Vegan Ice Cream Healthy?

As with any dairy ice cream, the ingredients you choose to put in your vegan ice cream have a significant bearing on its nutrition quotient.

For instance, a low-calorie vegan ice cream is obviously healthier than a high-sugar one, but many opt for artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose. These are bad for digestion, and not made from natural products. And  if you continue to use several bowls of sugar in your ice cream, just being vegan will not make it healthy. Of course, you are cutting down on dairy. But, when you are piling up your ice cream with toppings, make better choices.

At Easy Breezy, we provide a lot of those “better” options to help you stay in the healthy lane. It starts with high quality ingredients, balanced use of flavors, sourcing organic whenever possible, and never using high fructose corn syrup in place of more natural sweeteners.

When you are mindful of what you are putting in your body, you automatically make healthier choices.

Here are some things you must consider when deciding whether your vegan ice cream is healthy or not:


Sugar is what adds the most calories to your ice cream. Choosing fruity flavors over chocolatey ones reduces calories. Coconut milk tends to have the highest fat content, almond and cashew milks are low fat, and oat milk is nonfat.

Other Ingredients

Ice cream ingredients will have a considerable percentage of fat content, especially the base and thickeners. By switching for ingredients with low fat content, you can keep your fat intake to the minimum.

Ingredient Quality

Better ingredients produce better ice creams. There is no replacement for quality. At Easy Breezy, we use top quality, fresh, and healthy ingredients. We develop our recipes to produce a product that we can be proud of.


This is something that you must consider when purchasing vegan ice cream. We do not add processed additives, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners to our ice creams. Ours is a natural product and we are committed to quality in every ingredient.

In short, vegan ice cream is only as healthy as you make it. Keep that in mind when you are shopping for vegan ice creams.


Where You Can Find Us?

We are available at 3 different locations in  San Francisco, in the Inner Sunset, Noe Valley, and West Portal neighborhoods, and one location at the Town Center Corte Madera in Marin County.

When you are enjoying a scoop of our vegan soft serve, know that you are supporting a local business that is working relentlessly to put an exceptional product out. We are woman owned and operated, and are deeply committed to fair-employment practices. We offer health insurance to our employees and support education and career advancement.

You will taste the months of research, weeks of recipe development, and days of sourcing the right ingredients in our ice cream. Whether you are looking for a classic scoop of nostalgia or an eclectic cone of innovative flavors, Easy Breezy does it all.

Whatever you do – do not miss out on our vegan soft serve ice creams. They are an experience.



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